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Jul. 7th, 2007

riff/cain is so NOT canon

(no subject)

Dear internet friends, I've not been around much lately. The reason is, I'm cowering in fear. Like, literally; if I could still work staying hidden under my bed or behind the table, nobody would see me again. Sadly, I can't and I had to come out.

Because, dearest, a huge change is about to come for me. And I really, really hate changes, in fact I hate them with the strength of a thousand suns. But they don't care about what I think and happen anyway, so god - I'm fucking terrorized here. I feel like I'm going to suffocate and my hands tremble all the time and please, could somebody take things back to the status quo? I need my security blanket.

But many good things happened during these days, too. My cousin had a little, chubby baby, I went to the baptism of my friends' daughter, saw fireworks, watched entertaining movies (isn't The Truman show a clever version of the flight from Eden?) and read pleasant books. And made new RL friends, too. ^^

By the way, I'm still laughing for the last fake spoiler about HP7Collapse )

And I hope hope hope nobody will wake me up from my beautiful delusion that the last book will be written by the authors of Yugi-oh GX. JKR, really, don't sue fanfic writers, sue them: they recreated Hogwarts and the houses and a sort of pseudo Draco and Harry (even if in a crazy Japanese way...Collapse )

I swear, I cry laughing every time I watch it. Please, can we make a petition or something? I know they would probably create 777 horcrux and the whole saga would have 300000 episodes and evil would be vanquished by the Power of Friendship, but. Space dolphins. Who talk about yin yang.

Come on. You know you want it.

Jun. 20th, 2007

killer smile

(no subject)

Today an ex-classmate of mine from junior high school called me. She was (and I believe she still is) a kind, cheerful girl, and in the past we were close friends, so I was happy she still remembers me.

Then she told me that most of my ex-classmates are married already or will be soon. I confess, it was a shock. In my mind they're eternally little kids and I just can't imagine them as adults. That scrawny, short kid has been living with a woman for five years? The little girl with long black hair, the one who told me for the first time that those long pointy things were not, in fact, strange noses (*cough* I was a very late bloomer), is married and has a baby? The tall, gangly boy with shocking blue eyes has gone to Greece to follow his lover?

I feel very old. And sad, when I think of my ex-classmate who killed himself before he was fifteen. I knew him when we were six years old; he was such a mature kid, always smiling and kind, and had a terribly sharp mind, and I never understood why he did it. He's the only one who'll be forever young.

At the same time, I feel like they all left behind me, too. I don't even think of getting married now and I want to scream that I AM TOO YOUNG!, definitely too young for this. And god, my Project for Life requires at least another two years before I can hope to see it realized.

I feel like I failed, I feel sad, old, too young, childish and lonely. And I shouldn't. But I can't stop myself.

Okay, now I'll stop ranting. To lighten the mood and apologize for this sadness wave, here's something more cheerful I wrote this morning (apparently, I can't watch the TV alone when a character says things like I want a man who likes kittens and a sado-masochistic atmosphere, because my mind goes weird).

So, here are The 15 Rules to Survive in a Raving Lunatic World (aka, the Clamp world)Collapse )

Um, probably later or tomorrow morning I'll do my list of top ten anime and manga. I need to think.

ETA: I updated many pictures of I'll-Generation Basket in my scrapbook (they're not mine, I found them in the net). If you're interested and like amazingly beautiful art, you can find them here.
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Jun. 16th, 2007

the path to our future

(no subject)

Tonight news: bookshop wrote a beautiful, inspiring post about the Hokuto Cup arc. I, um, got overexcited and wrote an ocean of words. Oh god.

Here it isCollapse )

So that's why, in conclusion, I love the Hokuto Cup arc and its ending. ^^

Jun. 8th, 2007

killer smile

(no subject)

So, this is the result of a test I stole from issen4. (I know I shouldn't stalk her, I know, I... just can't help it?) It's interesting:

So, kindofspark, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 4% unique (blame, for example, your interest in pirandellian masks) and 4% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy harry potter). When it comes to friends you are lonely. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 45

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 87% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Apparently, my writing style is intellectual. Is it a good or bad thing? I'm a bit puzzled here. I actually thought I wrote in bad bad Engrish and felt always terribly inadequate. But I was clearly wrong!

Now I'll go buy a French beret and get ready to become the next maître à penser. XD

Jun. 4th, 2007

killer smile

(no subject)

I have just one thing to say.

Please, someone should take better care of Clamp and don't let Nanase watch movies like Psycho; it's bad for extremely excitable people. Pumpkin, Fay's brother is NOT Norman's dead mother, really. Reconsider what you want to do, dear, and for god's sake take your pills.

(no subject)

Tonight we went to a charity performance, where a friend of mine played a part. It's so nice to seat there and then say proudly to a hapless member of the audience: see, this young man is my friend. ^^ Well, until your friend tries to perform some ill-advised karate moves and ends up tripping three actors in a row and breaking a vase. Oh, F., you do realise we now have enough teasing material to embarrass you for months? (I like very much being evil, thank you.)

By the way, I finally bought Susan Cooper's The Dark is rising series. I read Over sea, under stone when I was a teenager, but the other books are unavailable in Italian, so I had to buy them in English. Of course when I read in English I have to be always a little more wary and I can't relax properly to enjoy the plot, but I'm happy anyway.

And god, I had almost forgotten how much I can love my delightful Barney, this bright, cheerful boy with so much talent and still unaware of it. I love the other characters, too, but Barney is special. (See, I don't like only sulky boys. *pets Barney and Ochi*)

Oh, and I'm downloading the anime of Prince of Tennis. I tried to stay brave and resist, but you just can't win some battles. Fuji, you're my weakness; I can't ignore a man who likes to wear a smiling mask all the time. And nobody, I repeat, nobody will ever convince me you're not Kakei's long lost cousin (Lawful Drugstore); I swear they share the same, wicked soul. And I have to restrain myself from trying to brush Tezuka's hair every time I see his did-you-notice-I-just-woke-up messy head. Don't be careless, buchou!

May. 30th, 2007


(no subject)

Very well, my two cents about this mass lj purification.

When I read what was happening (on aishuu's journal), I was angry beyond words. But almost immediately the more cynical part of my mind popped up and I remembered one of the world's greatest truths: Se tutto deve rimanere com'è, è necessario che tutto cambi (Tomasi di Lampedusa, Il gattopardo). In other words: if you want for everything to stay the same, you have to change everything. It's not a paradox, you see. Not long after every great revolution, inevitably things go back to the way they were; it's how the world works, baby.

I still believe it, actually. Perhaps there will be a massive exodus to GreatestJournal or whatever other journal, NC-17 fics and communities will all be f-locked and the newbies won't know where to find other people with similar interests. Or maybe not, because these newbies are pretty resourceful, and I'm confident they'll figure out how things work.

Then tonight I went hunting for some good TezuFuji fics and stumbled on measuringlife's journal (I liked her Tenipuri fics very much, by the way). There was a link to another fic, Cheshire by aki_omoi, and following it I found out that this journal has been deleted and purged.

Now, I don't know aki_omoi, so I can't say if she (I assume she's female) deleted her lj herself or was another victim in this modern crusade. But I was, so to speak, slapped into reality, and my anger and my hate for crusades and censorship came back to life renewed. Even if those crusades are done with the best intentions, they inevitably leave thousands of corpses in their wake, and their leaders never care.

I still think fandoms won't die after lj's purification, but will find another, more secluded, place. I wonder, though, if this will tarnish all the fandoms for a long time, if authors will be too disgusted to write again, if faith will never be restored, if in the pit of our stomachs we'll always feel this rage and resentment until it'll became an acidic poison. I fear that.

Then again, many people decided to fight with all their strength and I hope they'll succeed. I don't want to see everything reconstructed somewhere else, while we're still mourning our inevitable losses. And I'm not talking about my lj; I have less than twenty entries and nobody knows me anyway, so if I was deleted and purged I wouldn't lose much. But for many people losing their own journals would be like having a piece of their heart brutally stolen away.

Oh, and about my lj? Switched from a Plus to a Base Account. It was a little sad to lose 9 beloved icons and my layout, but if Lj decides to deprive me of my interests, I won't allow any advertising on my journal.

May. 29th, 2007


(no subject)

Dear Akizuki Koh and Gotoh Sei,

your manga,
Fujimi Orchestra, is very cute. I really enjoy reading manga and books about dedicated musicians, even if I don't usually listen to music in my everyday life. But please, don't make your character - a talented conductor - say things like "I swear it on my baton" if you don't want to see your readers collapsing on the floor, laughing like hyenas. I'm just saying.

Still laughing,

*cough* I just wanted to say, today it rained a lot. How's the weather in the rest of the world? (And please notice my new Kyouya icon! ^^)

May. 27th, 2007

killer smile

(no subject)

I hate being like this, being this stupid kind of person who can just cry when a friend tells me his father died and isn't even able to tell him something. I hate myself right now.

May. 24th, 2007


(no subject)

My mind doesn't seem able to understand that stealing children is bad. And illegal too, by the way.

Of course, I don't wander in the streets and grab random kids to take them home with me - I may be crazy, but not in a dangerous way. But today came to my bookshop the cutest toddler, barely six years old, hugged an old book (about medieval history) twice his height and clung to it for dear life. Then he announced he wanted to become a knight and slay dragons. ^^

It's such a pity that kids grow up so fast. I'd like to keep this child forever with me and feed him chocolate and tell him hundreds of stories about knights and dragons and wizards and magical swords and kings and amanuensis monks. (What? Amanuensis monks are my heroes!)

In a few hours all the authors of the current blind_go challenge will be revealed. I'm skimming through my copy of "A quick guidebook of Tibet and where to find your own Kuwabara-like Buddhist monk". Because I fear I committed hybris believing I guessed aishuu's fic, and if I guessed wrong I need to hide someplace far away. *facepalm*

ETA: Since aishuu has been so kind, I won't go to Tibet, after all. I'm sorry, Kuwabara-like monk, we could have had something (as long as you promised not to laugh, because those sounds you do when you laugh aren't human and give me the creeps).

Still, I guessed issen4, tarigwaemir and takewing. Not too bad, I suppose, for a first try? (Don't spoil my delusional state of mind, please.)

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